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      HI everyone,
      I feel so lonely, lost connection with everyone since I separated from my former partner as it was my decision. Not in touch with families and relatives. I lost friends which I had before but happy not seeing them anymore as they are judgemental and keep talking that children will be effected from separation so better to be together. Sometimes I feel so lonely on my own and my children also says why we don’t have people visiting us anymore. I want to find single mum groups in the area but I don’t know how to find the groups and get connected. I love listening to experiences of people who have been in similar path, sometimes Iam very anxious of my future, will I be able to find any partner? If I will be on my own will I ever be able to buy house on my own as this is one of my dream. I want to study further and take my career forward but I don’t know if I would be able to mange to study with two kids on my own. I don’t like to do online courses though its a good option. Any thoughts and suggestions welcome.

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      Lucy GoodLucy Good

      Try and find some FB groups in your area and you can arrange to meet through them. Also, give it time. My friendship changed entirely after separation but it took a while. And I have never been happier. It will get better.

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      Lucy GoodLucy Good

      Have you joined the FB page linked to this website? It’s a really positive single mum space that might help you feel better:

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      Lucy GoodLucy Good

      This was exactly me a few years ago.

      I found it really hard to adjust to being a single mum and was completely overwhelmed.

      BUT a bit like another lady has said it does happen slowly.

      I gravitated towards single mums at the school and now have some really close single mum friends, and very few married friends – this is just the way it worked out.

      I haven’t started dating yet but I know lots of women who have, so it’s on the cards pretty soon!

      Life continues but you have to a bit of a rebuild.

      Don’t try and do everything at once. You’ll get there lovely!

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      Lucy GoodLucy Good

      Hey OP

      It’s Lucy here from Beanstalk. What you’re going through atm is perfectly normal. Big changes are happening in your world!

      If you download this free ebook you can get heaps of support around what to do next:

      And for further support with your life/friends/relationships/study etc, take at look at my ecourse which would be perfect for where you are at … 1.4k single mums have already done and there are heaps of testimonials.

      It could be a perfect fit for you right now.

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      Lucy GoodLucy Good

      Just to say that I did the course on this website and it really helped my, I actually think my comment to Lucy is on the page.

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      Lucy GoodLucy Good


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