7 Small steps to untrashing the planet for our kids

Untrashing planet

One of the more heartbreaking things about the climate emergency is thinking about leaving the planet worse off for our kids. As if parents don’t have enough to feel guilty about !

But while it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer size of the problem, Aussie companies like Zero Co are enabling everyone to make small, daily changes to their routine, which can have massive global impact. 

For Zero Co, it’s as simple as swapping to refillable, single-use plastic free household products. They make theirs from plant based formulas and clean up oceans around Australia to make Forever Bottles – their reusable dispensers made from ocean, beach and landfill bound plastics.

In this article, they offer some tips on how you can keep our planet clean and take simple steps to help the environment, and our children’s future, big-time. 

1. Do Good And Look Good

The Australian body care industry produces an ugly amount of plastic waste. A crazy 179 million bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and deodorant were purchased, used once, and thrown away, in the last 12 months alone, and that was just through supermarkets.

Only 15% of the plastic we use in Australia ends up getting recycled, according to a Federal Government Waste Report, so that means a mind-blowing 152 million of those empty bottles ended up in landfill.

Zero Co have found a way to make it zilch. Take all your bathroom products like natural, refillable and single-use plastic free deodorant, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion and swap them for refillable options. Beauty!

2. Clean Your Plate

How many times have you told a kid to finish their dinner, because there’s less fortunate people in the world?

The truth is, us big kids need to do the same.

Twenty percent of all shopping bags of food end up going into the bin in Australia. That ends up costing people heaps of cash, but worse than that, food waste produces up to 10% of global greenhouse gases and therefore is one of the largest contributors to climate change.

3. Support Local

Farmer’s markets are a great alternative to the two big supermarket chains (or your local butcher, baker and fruit & veg dealer) because they come with lots of bonuses, including less packaging, fewer food miles (less carbon and emissions) no plastic bags, not to mention the chance of more catch ups, which is important as a busy parent.

4. Make Your Super Epic

You’ve probably got some super, even if you don’t have any savings.

Making sure that cash isn’t invested in oil, gas or coal is gigantic.

Australian super funds are managing over $3.5 trillion, so we only need a fraction of that headed towards renewables to absolutely transform the future. Future Super invest in climate solutions and Bank Australia doesn’t mess with fossil fuels at all.

5. Sort Yourself Out

Figuring out how to stop plastic pollution is super important right now, because plastic production is continuing to go through the roof.

The best option is buying less. Or use what you have, if you can’t purchase less.

It’s almost impossible making the right choices all the time, we totally understand that, but trying to give single-use plastic the flick is one of the largest issues we need to wrangle on the planet.

Why the urgency?

Because single-use garbage has slowly made its way into every corner of the earth. From natural wonders like the Great Barrier Reef to the majesty of Mount Everest, you’ll find trash in places that were once our most untouched and remote environments. Not to mention who’s carrying most of the burden, which is our poor oceans and aquatic friends. From turtles to whales, scientists and researchers have found their guts were full of plastic, along with 90% of other creatures like sea birds. And just in case you thought it couldn’t get more dire, the Plastic Pollution Coalition says there’ll be more plastic than fish in the ocean by the year 2050. Yikes!

So if you can’t ditch using single-use plastic, at least make sure it gets chucked in a yellow bin.

6. Fight The Power

The most powerful thing you can do to help make changes on climate is voting.

Picking an independent that has prioritised the environment is more important than ever, because there’s only a one vote margin in Parliament at the moment.

Big and swift change could come from swaying that towards people who care about the planet.

7. Green Machines

Electric cars are still unaffordable for most of us, but that doesn’t mean there’s not little and affordable changes you can make when getting from A to B that are better for the planet. Take a stroll to the park, put the grommets on the back of a pushie, or jump on a bus or train next time you’re headed out. Every journey begins with one small step. Why not make yours an easy one, like starting with some plastic-free pampering.

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