6 Life surprises that require emergency funding

It’s said that life is unpredictable, and we couldn’t agree more. Your life can take a twist when least expected. Hence, it is extremely important to save money for rainy days. However, this is easier said than done, especially for those who live hand-to-mouth. Saving money from their monthly pay is practically impossible. 

But let’s not forget life is full of surprises. It can catch you off guard and leave you financial stranded. And in today’s post, that’s precisely what we’ll focus on. Here’s a quick overview of the 5 life surprises that warrant financial help.

1. Car Repairs

When your car is your main source of transport to work, the last thing you want it to break down is when you’re a week away from payday. Not only is it inconvenient, but repairs can be costly. This is when your best bet is emergency funding. If you have savings, then that is great, but if you don’t, then a quick loan may be a good choice. Many websites offer emergency funding for car repairs, such as quick online loan applications with Jacaranda.

2. Medical Emergencies

Even with health insurance, you may still need emergency funds to cover the whole cost of medical care, especially when you or a beloved needs:

  • An ambulance ride to the hospital
  • A major surgery
  • Physical therapy

Likewise, medical emergencies can also occur with your furry companion. This is when you may have to rush to the veterinary hospital for your pet’s treatment. Veterinary visits can be expensive if you don’t carry pet insurance.

3. Unexpected Travel

The loss of a loved one in another state or country may require you to travel unexpectedly. The last thing you want to worry about at this point is the travel cost. This is when emergency funds through quick and same day loans can come in handy as they can be applied for online, and once approved, the money is transferred within a minute to your account. It’s that fast and convenient.

4. Major Household Repairs

Just like your car, your home is pretty much guaranteed to cost you a certain amount of money annually. Appliances, electrical systems and plumbing around the house is likely to wear and tear, stop functioning, or get damaged at some point in life.

Some minor repairs can be delayed until you receive your next paycheck. However, major repairs and replacement work involving HVAC or plumbing need immediate attention. Neglecting major repair jobs can worsen the situation costing you even more as they can lower the efficiency of your home.

Plus, clogged drains, damaged roofing, and electrical wiring can be dangerous and debilitating for your home and family members. Therefore, it’s best to address these repairs promptly by seeking emergency funds rather than delay.

5. Sudden Move

Imagine if you land your dream job and later find out that you may have to relocate for it; how will you react, and what will you do, especially when you have no savings to lean on?

Well, it is a time to celebrate, but a financial crisis can take all the excitement and joy away, stressing you over whether to accept the offer or let it go because you don’t have money for a sudden move. This is yet again a situation where emergency funds can be your saviour.

Browse through different websites offering emergency funds and loans. Evaluate loan terms, application process and approval time to make an informed choice. An emergency fund is perhaps the best way to arrange money fast and plan a sudden move to another country without worrying about the expenses.

When you have funds in your hand, you can plan your relocation with your family. This fund can be used to travel, rent housing, and meet the cost of furnishing a new place. Without emergency funds, all this can be financially crippling.

6. Debt Consolidation

When you max out your credit cards and fail to pay your dues, the lenders will reach out to you sooner than later for consolidation and settlements. This is when you can take out bad credit or quick loans and use that money for debt consolidation.

Debt consolidation is a process that combines multiple debts into a consolidation loan. In other words, you take out a single loan to pay multiple debts. It can be used as a tool for dealing with credit card debt, student loan debt and other liabilities.

The bottom line is that life is unexpected. To handle life surprises the right way, you must either plan proper savings or have a solid understanding of service providers who offer emergency funds. This can provide the reassurance you need knowing that you have someone to fall back on during unexpected life emergencies.

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