6 Highly efficient ways to quickly rotate old and the new in your kids’ life

Grow up so fast

Kids grow up so fast. Those 3-5-year-olds grow half a shoe size every four months. Kids, in general, grow tall at a steady pace of about 2.5 inches each year so before you even know it they have outgrown their clothes. What remains for you to do is keep up with the pace quickly. You don’t want to discover an expensive cute dress tucked away in the closet when it no longer fits your little girl. 

The key is to get those clothes in the closet moving, so that nothing gets tucked away and forgotten. Here are the 6 highly efficient ways to quickly rotate the old and the new in your kid’s life. 

1. Start with an inventory of all the clothes your kid has

Today is the day you realise you need to make a change and get your kid’s stuff organised so nothing gets tucked away and forgotten. What’s the first thing to do? Inventory.

“When you first begin to organise, start by taking everything out of the space, so you can see exactly what you are working with,” said Ashley Murphy and Marissa Hagmeyer, co-founders of NEAT Method. 

Making an inventory also involves evaluating what clothes no longer fit, and what clothes are worn a lot or never. Make a mental note of the clothes they should be wearing more. Involve your kid in the inventory and in every aspect of organising their clothes.

2. Segregate and get picky about things you intend to keep

Decide what to keep, sell, donate and throw away. Do you see holes, stains, or tattered clothing? Do not even think twice about discarding it. Old underwear and socks must also go. 

Do your kids have too many of the same type of clothes? That, along with clothes that are outgrown but are in good condition, and clothes your kid just doesn’t want to wear, can all either be donated or resold. 

Donating’s benefit goes without saying and reselling clothes will not only free up space in your child’s closet but will also help you save and earn money, besides being earth-friendly.

3. Have a closet design that works for a growing kid

As kids grow quickly, their needs – along with their size – change fast. Experts from California Closets suggested adjustable shelves and pull-out baskets, as well as adjustable rods and poles that can accommodate your kids’ clothes from being a toddler, a grade-schooler and eventually a teen with trendy clothes.

Make your kids’ clothes accessible to them. At some point, they should learn to dress independently. It’s a part of child development helping their motor and cognitive skills. Not only will it be rewarding for them to feel a sense of independence but it could also be an avenue for them to start learning their preferences. 

And since clothes can easily be reached you can also start teaching your child how to put things in their right places. It will become messy at first but just like with everything else, all it needs is practice.

Label drawers and bins if needed. This is not only for your child but it can be for your benefit as well. Not only will it help you find things more easily, it will also help your children establish the right places for everything. 

As every shirt, pants, or sock are in the same place, you are able to see everything your kid has for that type of clothing and get to use every single one of them. Did you find a piece your child will never wear? Take it out now – then donate or sell it right away!

Keep a bin near your kid’s closet where you can place that piece of clothing. Find something that no longer fits? Put it in the same bin so you can easily just take them out as needed.

4. Always leave space between clothes so they can be seen

One thing that’s very important is to create a closet space where there is some breathing room between each piece of clothing. Not only will the space between the hangers make it easier to see and find the garments you want your kid to wear but it will also keep clothes from getting wrinkled. 

Clothes that are of no use to your kids any longer can find a new home. As a matter of fact, you can easily sell anything that no longer holds value to you but can be of use to someone else. You can look into how to sell on Mercari and start selling so you can make room for new clothes and other stuff your kid needs.

5. Mix and match more

It’s time to break away from the usual attires and experiment more about your kid’s attires. Try mixing and matching your kid’s clothes. Bring new life to your kid’s existing pieces of clothing. This is not only frugal but will also help your kids have fun dressing up. The choices of outfits multiply. Now they will always have something to wear. 

6. Invest in quality over quantity

Again, kids grow fast and what you are buying now may no longer fit them over the next couple of months. Before buying more and more clothes, focus on buying quality staple pieces instead – like a great-fitting pair of pants, a high-quality shirt, and coats or sweatshirts from a brand you and your kids love. Remember to buy pieces that can be mixed and matched!

With a manageable amount of versatile staple pieces, you’re setting the mood for an efficient day-to-day clothing rotation your child will always love. Keep a culture of smart shopping and you will keep the tasks of decluttering way more manageable than compared to just shopping based on your whims.

And remember…

Whether it’s your child’s or your own closet, the most important thing is to continually be on top of things. There will be times when you will not feel like organizing, but the most important thing is consistency. Do a little bit of organising here and there before it becomes an overwhelming task you just want to forget.

Gilles Couvreur is the founder of Crosslist, a productivity tool that allows sellers to list quickly on the world’s largest online marketplaces. In his free time, he loves to share simple tips that help resellers reach more customers.

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