3 Beauty issues that haunt mums (with solutions)

3 Beauty issues that haunt mums (with solutions) | Beanstalk Mums

3 Beauty issues that haunt mums (with solutions).

It’s amazing how motherhood can swiftly and completely rearrange your priorities. Before becoming a mum, we had all kinds of beauty regimes. After giving birth, something as simple as taking a shower seems self-indulgent.

As a single mum, it’s particularly challenging. You may want to lose baby weight and look good for yourself, or want your confidence back to start dating again. For many single mums, this sort of pressure is a source of constant anxiety.

Let’s discuss three of the most common beauty issues mums face, plus some possible solutions to these problems.



One thing all mums experience is tiredness. It’s inevitable that this tiredness will take its toll on your appearance sooner or later – and often, it comes in the form of dark, raccoon-like under-eye circles.

There are multiple solutions for these ugly dark circles. One of the fastest and easiest is a quick application of concealer that matches your skin tone. It won’t fix the tiredness, but it can at least boost your appearance so you don’t look so tired.

Beyond that, it’s important to be aware that dark circles can have multiple causes. Tiredness is a likely cause for a mum’s under-eye circles, but it’s also worth considering the other possibilities. These include allergies, eczema and nutritional deficiencies. If you suspect that any of these issues could be causing or contributing to your dark under-eye circles, it’s advisable to consult your GP for help with fixing the underlying problems.


Stretch marks are ugly marks left on your tummy that give evidence to where your baby bump expanded and then later contracted. They’re one of the not-so-wonderful souvenirs associated with motherhood.

There are multiple possible remedies for stretch marks.  In some cases, over-the-counter nutritional supplements can be sufficient for getting rid of stretch marks. But, without consulting a professional dietitian or your GP, you will probably have a hard time figuring out which nutrients, exactly, you should be supplementing with, and at what dosages. We recommend seeing your doctor for help with this.

Zinc is the primary nutrient to be concerned about. Vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin A may also be helpful.

If supplements fail to solve your problem with stretch marks, it is advisable to consult a licensed physician who is experienced with stretch mark treatments. There are multiple treatment options available, including:

  • Micro-needling with a Dermapen
  • Vaser skin tightening
  • ‘Fractional’ Fraxel Laser Resurfacing.

If you’re in the Sydney metropolitan area, Dr Ajaka is an expert practitioner who is qualified to help you understand which of these procedures would be most beneficial for you given your unique situation.


After giving birth, it isn’t uncommon for women to be left with a ;mummy tummy. Which is a small (or sometimes not-all-that small) bump where the baby used to be.

If you’re able to breastfeed your new baby, that’s one of the quickest, easiest possible solutions to losing the baby weight and dissolving your mummy tummy. Clinical research has demonstrated that:

Breastfeeding for at least 3-months results in a greater amount of weight loss for mums in the first year after giving birth as compared against formula feeding.

In fact, breastfeeding can burn 500 calories per day, according to research published by the Medical Clinics of North America.

As you breastfeed, an amazing thing happens:  You’ll periodically feel a distinct tightening sensation in your tummy that some women describe as ‘cramps’ and others refer to as ‘contractions’ However, these cramps aren’t the painful sort of contractions associated with birthing. What’s happening is as you breastfeed, your body releases the hormones oxytocin and prostaglandin. These hormones can stimulate a tightening and contracting motion in your uterus. In other words, breastfeeding makes your tummy tighten up, without you having to do a single leg lift, crunch or sit-up.

However, there are women who aren’t able to lose their mummy tummies just by breastfeeding. There are a couple of different factors at play. One is that it is all too easy to overeat when you are at home with bub. The amount you eat can negate any benefits brought about by breastfeeding. So, be conscious of what you are putting into your body, and go easy on the junk food.

The other possible problem is a condition referred to as diastasis recti. Some mums experience a separation of their abdominals that lingers after childbirth. This separation is supposed to heal naturally after giving birth, but it doesn’t always do so. If you suspect that this might be an issue for you, it’s advisable to discuss your concerns with your GP. Solutions can range from targeted exercises to physiotherapy to surgery, and your GP is best equipped to recommend the most viable solution for your specific situation.

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