15 Ways to stay looking young without needles or knives

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15 Ways to stay looking young without needles or knives.

Are you horrified when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror first thing in the morning? Who is that old woman? And why is she wearing my nightie?

You are not alone. Our lives are full of pesky things that age us every day. Some are impossible to avoid, but there are ways to retain that youthful complexion without paying the big bucks.

Here are 15 super-easy ways to stay looking young without needles or knives.


Eating fats is a little-know trick to stay looking young. Fats are essential to health and give the face roundness that is associated with youth. Fats also cushion our organs and have a protective effect. Just make sure to avoid the wrong fat. Instead, pick monounsaturated fats (olive oil, avocados, nuts, seeds, fatty fish) over saturated (meat fat) if you can, although some animal fat is fine as long as you eat plenty of fruits and veggies. And stay away from trans fats found in fried and processed foods (the worst fat of all).


If fat is the body’s cushion, collagen is its scaffolding. Collagen is a type of protein that holds tissues together and makes up about 75% of the skin’s dry weight. It gives skin volume and keeps it looking plump and youthful. Some studies have shown that ingestible collagen affects the skin’s appearance positively. For this reason, it can’t hurt to take some collagen to help in the fight against wrinkles and ageing. We recommend the top-rated Nutra Organics Collagen Beauty that reduces the appearance of fine lines and boosts hydration and elasticity. (Use code: BEANSTALK for 10% off).


Not getting enough sleep can literally age you. Besides making you look like a zombie, the long-term negative effects on the skin are massive. Lack of sleep increases the stress hormone cortisol in the body and chronically high levels can break down collagen. Fatigue can also trigger the body’s inflammation response that can lead to killer diseases like heart disease and cancer. So make sure to get those zzzs and practice good sleep hygiene. Remove all mobile devices from your bedroom if possible.


Alcohol in moderation makes our stressful lives more tolerable, but too much is asking for trouble. As we grow older our bodies start to metabolise alcohol more slowly, which means alcohol stays in the bloodstream for longer. This leads to dehydration, making wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes much more noticeable. Too much alcohol can also dilate blood vessels to the point that they burst, causing red and purple veins all over the face. These broken blood vessels are harder to fix. If you must drink, pick antioxidant-rich red wine.


The right foods can help you stay looking young. The best ones are colourful fruits and veggies that are filled with antioxidants that fight inflammation and protect skin cells from damage. Raw fruits and veggies are also great for hydrating your skin. Other anti-inflammatory foods are cocoa, dark chocolate (low in sugar or sugar free), nuts, seeds, green tea and olive oil. Antioxidants take time to work (give it a few months), but you can help it along by applying antioxidant face cream.


Sunscreen is your skin’s best friend. Without it, you’re not only at risk of skin cancer, you also get wrinkles, brown spots and saggy skin. By the age of 40 the effects of sun damage really start to show, so make it a habit to apply sun protection before you go out. Choose broad-spectrum sunscreen with adequate long-wave UVA shield and antioxidants for an added layer of protection.

Ways to stay looking young without needles or knives (cont.)


Green tea is naturally rich in antioxidants that protects your cells from damaging free radicals. The polyphenols in green tea are known to fight inflammation and may help protect collagen and reduce signs of ageing. Green tea as a drink is also hydrating and keeps the skin plump and moisturised. One study showed that women with sun-damaged skin who used green tea cream and supplements improved their skin elasticity.


Retinoids or Vitamin A based skin applications are the most studied anti-aging compounds. They help fade brown spots and pigmentation and speed up the turnover of skin cells. Retinoids also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by boosting collagen production. Non-prescription strength retinol is your best bet if you have sensitive skin. Keep in mind that retinol can take a while to work. Don’t give up though, regular use of retinol will help keep your skin smooth and resilient.


Too much sugar is a modern evil responsible for everything from obesity to diabetes to bad and saggy skin. Sugar can weaken collagen and elastin in the skin and it can aggravate acne. Nothing’s worse than pimples and wrinkles at the same time. Keep this in mind when you feel the urge to reach for another cookie.



Smoking is another bad habit that wreaks havoc on your skin. It’s also bad for your lungs, general health and the environment, plus secondhand smoke harms other people. Smoking can age you prematurely. Compare a smoker’s skin with the skin of a non-smoker … you’ll notice more wrinkles and dryness.


Unless your diet is perfectly planned and balanced, it’s easy to miss out on essential nutrients that helps you stay looking young. It’s still better to get vitamins from the food that you eat, but supplements are recommended if you find it difficult to incorporate nutrient-dense foods like fruits and vegetables in your diet. Having the required balance of vitamins in your body will not only help you stay looking young, but will help you feel energised and healthy in general.


Water is so underrated. It’s the number one hydrating liquid you should drink above all others. Drinking water keeps your skin smooth, plump and free of lines and wrinkles. Water also aids digestion and metabolism and may help prevent a number of ailments, including headaches, kidney stones and constipation. Make sure you have water bottle with you at all times and keep sipping. If you need flavour, add some freshly squeezed lemon or a green tea bag.


Regular exercise that keeps your heart pumping and reduces the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the body. Cortisol is inflammatory and damages collagen, which makes you look tired, old and worn out. Next time you’re planning to skip a workout, remind yourself how it helps you stay looking young. Plus, getting moving will always make you feel better in the long-run.


Fasting or intermittent fasting is all the rage these days, especially with the weight loss crowd. Fasting lets the body consume stored calories instead of calories from the food you would normally eat. Fasting may also help keep your skin young and healthy. If you can’t fast or hate the thought of going without food for long periods, try ProLon, the first Fasting Mimicking Diet™ (FMD). Their products (soups, bars, supplements) are all plant-based and helps the skin with cell rejuvenation.


Finally, on our list of how to stay looking young, avoid the stress! We have learnt about how stress hormones promote inflammation and cell destruction, including the collagen that keeps skin smooth and elastic. For this reason, if you’re overstressed, try and take some time for yourself and practice self-care, even just 10 minutes a day will help. Your skin will thank you for it.

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