10 Insta-famous pools that could be yours!

Insta famous pools

Almost everyone envisions their dream home with a large, blue-water pool they can plunge into and make memories with family and friends. You have probably come across your ideal swimming pool while browsing thousands of Instagram photos of beautiful people posing around breathtaking pools.

Besides embracing the social media craze, Australians have realised that having a swimming pool in your home significantly increases its value. The market for well-done pools has gone up with the local governments issuing more and more construction permits each quarter.

If you want a great pool, choose one that will fit your space and surrounding landscape. It should enhance the beauty of your home through detailed tile work, magnificent water features, well-positioned lighting, and soft greenery. Additionally, you can have exquisite furniture and lounges spread around or within the pool area for complete relaxation.

Here is a list of 10 insta-famous pools worldwide that will inspire you.

10 Insta-famous pools list

Oceanfront Infinity drop

The sheer beauty of the glass-walled infinity pool with a panoramic ocean view is breathtaking. Add this modern pool to your contemporary style home to bring out the sharp contrast between the clean white walls and green backyard.

Show Window

Imagine a pool with a window view on one end of your home. You can watch the kids swim and frolic in the water from the sofa or kitchen.  Long Island’s sunken pool allows underwater photography through the tall window.

Moroccan Oasis

Replicate the unique Moroccan architecture with this pool in Florida, inspired by the tall curved walls and doorways. The pool area goes under curvy archways to fit the entire terrace.

Blue Wonder

Dive into a pool pattern of blue tiles similar to Geneva Lake’s. The mosaic brings colour to the poolside and backyard. Add solid-coloured outdoor furniture to blend into the bright blue tile work.

Cosy Waterhole

Create a cosy pool area under the tree in your backyard in uneven curvy lines that mimic a forest waterhole. Set in the Connecticut area, this pool is laid with dark grey stone and lined with tall green outdoor plants to give it a cool feel on a sunny day.

Bedecked in Wood

Line your city backyard lounge and pool area with shiny wood planks for a clean indoor-outdoor seating and entertainment area. You can have a pool that overlooks the city with beautiful panoramic views like this home.

Concrete Lap pool

It is a minimalist yet functional pool design for people who take their swimming activities seriously. The pool is built entirely from concrete in the Sicilian farmland, with tall fruit trees as a backdrop.

Layered and Stylish

Perfect for people that love to entertain, this multi-layered pool has different seating and swimming sections for a modern experience. Sit back and relax on the inbuilt lounge on one level and take a swim in the shallow pool area on the opposite end.

Summer Vibe

Tall indigenous trees surround this local stone-lined pool set in a lush green backyard in Tuscany. The outdoor furniture is not only comfortable but stylish for exciting and relaxing summer days.


Deviate from the conventional rectangle-shaped pools and discover this pool built in a circle in the Cape, South Africa. Line the walkway to the pool area with limestone to match the home’s architecture.

Wrapping Up

You can have any of the above designs replicated into a beautiful and safe pool space in your yard. Alternatively, renovate your existing pool to transform it into an Insta-worthy oasis that feels and looks like a tropical island in Australia.

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